Top 5 Contemporary Conductors

Are you a fan of the contemporary classical sounds of music? Then thank goodness for orchestras and their leaders, those fairy-fingered conductors. This article takes a look at the identities of the five best conductors in our selection.

Riccardo Chailly

Italy's Riccardo Chailly remains at the top of the list with a number of favorable votes in the music critics' jury. Chailly is distinguished by the uniqueness of his performances: a composition that mixes tradition and modernity. His whole life has been made up of music, since he grew up in a musical family, studied music, and then did not fail to express his talent wherever the need arose.

Simon Rattle

The British Simon Rattle will follow the Italian into the inner circle of the best conductors of our time. The 66-year-old has also studied music and has led several bands during his career. The musician, who came to prominence thanks to his role of conductor of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, holds second place in this top 5.

Mariss Jansons

This Latvian-born musician is quite talented. His musical career is worthy of an exemplary conductor. In his works, he fuses modernity and tradition in a lively and emotional melody. He holds third place in our ranking.

Andris Nelsons

The fourth place in this ranking goes to Andris Nelsons who is also of Latvian origin. His talent and his remarkable performances have made him what he is today, an ace of the Russian classical music, which does not exclude the great classics like La Bohème.

Riccardo Muti

This top 5 closes on the Italian Riccardo Muti who revealed himself to the world by winning in 1967 the famous Guido Canteloup conducting competition and then by conducting the Festival Il Maggio Musicale Fiorentino for thirteen years. He went on to conduct many other groups. His particularity lies in the eloquence he shows.


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