Jazz albums to look forward to in 2021

A style of music that is inspired by the Afro-American musical culture and that mixes several genres? Jazz knocking on our doors in this new year with albums we can't wait for. If you're one of those people hoping to get an idea of what jazz albums will be released this year, then this article will keep you on your toes.

Gary Bartz JID006

One of the most anticipated albums of 2021 is the masterpiece of three tenors of the music world. They are Adrian Younge, Gary Bartz and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. This musical performance will be released on April 2, 2021 under the label Jazz Is Dead. An album that will consist of 8 tracks of at least 2 minutes each. Based on the talent of these different artists alone, you can already imagine how much this album will resonate.

Hors temps

A trio gets together to prepare an excellent musical sauce. Indeed, Edward Perraud, Bruno Angelini and Arnault Cuisinier have agreed to offer you an album entitled "Hors temps". This musical masterpiece, composed in a diversity of melodies, will include nine tracks for your greatest pleasure. Manage your worries out of time by listening to this juicy product of the Blue Label.

Let the Bad Times Roll

You probably know the American band The Offspring that has been delighting the public with their remarkable performances. Well, this group, made up of professionals from all walks of life, is planning a new album to be released on April 16. You'll be treated to a good thirty three minutes and a few interesting seconds of Offspring. Don't miss it.

Brings Backs

Veteran Alfa Mist isn't planning to stop with his previous successes. The man who reached more than a million views on a self-produced album, only in less than 3 months, is preparing a new release for you on April 23. A realization that will undoubtedly be very appreciated by the music critics. Let's keep our fingers crossed.



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