The revelations of the Grammy 2021

What makes an artist is the talent he shows in his performances. The Grammy Award is held periodically to reward a batch of artists who have been able to bring something new to the musical genre following a certain period. The last edition of this gala evening took place on March 14th and notably consecrated some artists in their evolutions. What is it really?

Beyoncé impresses again

During this edition, most of the artists chosen were female. A real honor to the female gender. It should be noted that the artist Beyoncé has extended her list of individual awards during this ceremony since she will hold the record of the female artist who has obtained the most trophies in this competition. Being already known, this new distinction pushes her even further into the inner circle of the best female artists of all time.

Megan Thee Stallion honored

This Grammy 2021 has introduced us to the talented Megan. She was crowned talent of the year thanks to her album Good News. However, what pushed her to the forefront is the hit Savage that will later be remixed by the inevitable Beyoncé.

H.E.R also drinks by the cup

The American R'n'B singer made everyone agree with her song I can't Breathe, which is considered the best song of the year. A pure product that was born following the uproar caused by the murder of George Floyd. This song is a kind of protest, a call to order that is immediately adopted by the public.

Burna Boy comes out with a remarkable distinction

The Grammy 2021 did not only award female artists. Africa also came to get its share of glory. With his track Twice as tall, the Nigerian artist won the distinction of best world music album. Just like his compatriot Wizkid, he shows that talent is undoubtedly everywhere.