The most fashionable musical genres of the moment

Music is consumed everywhere in the world today. Whether it's in living rooms, parking lots, or stores, it's almost impossible not to have a good song while waiting or while working. This consumption is declined on various genres. Discover in this article the most listened musical genres in the world.

The Pop

This musical genre was born in the 1960s in the United States and also in the United Kingdom. The themes that are most discussed deal with love, talk about women and various relationships between men. Pop music is inspired by several other styles of music such as Rock'n'roll, traditional pop, or folk music.

The Rock

It is a style of music that was revealed in the 50s in the United States. This kind of music has reached a certain notoriety since its advent so that each artist brings his masterpiece to make it more expressive. It is often accompanied by many instruments such as electric guitar, drums, keyboard, and many others. It's definitely the perfect rhythm to get a little crazy.

Electro house

This musical phenomenon has no fixed origin. We can say that this genre was born from different musical performances around the world. It is necessary to wait for the years 2000 so that this style of music makes a certain unanimity within the public. Several instruments are solicited for the realization of this musical genre. These include the keyboard, the synthesizer, the sampler, and many others.

Hip-hop, Rap, and Trap

They are so similar that it is hard to take them separately. That is why these genres are grouped. Also, they use each other to fulfill their goals. Sometimes, they can be taken as a single genre, but with varieties. According to a proven study, 26% of the world's population listens to this music genre. Streetcar, rap, and hip-hop are on the program, it must be said that there is enough to ignite a party.